Welcome to Denman Ranch

Welcome to Denman Ranch, an historic winery, vineyard and community in Penngrove, California. Our 6.6 acres are what remains of the once 2,000-acre dairy ranch originally founded by Ezekiel Denman.

Our Wineries

Acre & Spade Craft Cider • Sonoma Apertif • 1881 Vineyards

Denman Ranch is where history lives on while thriving in the present. You can immerse yourself in a slower pace here, relaxing amid beautiful old trees, while also enjoying new versions of traditional wines and apertifs hand crafted here and served in vintage glasses. Older values and ways of doing things are respected, while newer innovations help improve and energize the traditions.

We encourage you to sign up below for notices of events and updates on wines, and we invite you to visit the ranch at 5433 Old Redwood Highway, Penngrove, CA

Address for the wineries: 111 Goodwin Ave., Penngrove, CA

Welcome to Denman Ranch